Grand Rapids Housing Commission Rental Assistance Center Grand Rapids Housing Commission

Supporting Housing Choice and Opportunity

The Grand Rapids Housing Commission partners with the City of Grand Rapids to offer a Rental Assistance Center that certifies low-income households as “rent ready” and also provides a clearinghouse for rental property owners searching for qualified renters.

The center is part of a City “Housing Now” initiative which has the goal of expanding housing choice and opportunity.

The Rental Assistance Center serves Grand Rapids residents who earn 80 percent or less of the Area Median Income (AMI) and whose rental housing application has been denied by a rental property owner. Renters who don’t meet property owners’ applicant criteria are linked with credit repair help and other resources that can open rental housing opportunities.

The first step for households interested in using this new service is to complete our online Rental Readiness Application form.

Tenant Benefits

  • Free service provides the household seeking rental housing with a “Rental Readiness Certificate” that’s valid for 90 days, along with a portfolio of essential rental-related documents.
  • Online application makes getting started easy.
  • Households gain insight into factors that may impede their ability to rent.
  • Households that are not “ready to rent” are linked with community resources that can help them reduce or eliminate barriers to renting a home.

Landlord Benefits

  • Offers a clearinghouse for landlords searching for renters, available at no cost to the property owner.
  • Renters are pre-screened to meet standard rental property industry criteria related to credit, income, rental history and criminal history. All screening complies with Fair Housing standards.
  • Saves the time, expense and hassle of administering the preliminary stages of applicant screening.
  • Supports compliance with the 2018 City of Grand Rapids ordinance related to residential rental application fees.